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830 W. Cherry Street
Louisville, CO 80027
Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm

always blooming.

Orchids are the 'ultimate houseplant' because they grow in the same conditions as your other houseplants, but their flowers last so much longer. They also offer a huge variety of flowers that bloom throughout the entire year.

At our spacious greenhouse you can see the many flowers available - they make great gifts for loved ones or just treating yourself. Come on in - and see some of these amazing flowers for yourself.

As we transition into the Fall we start to have

lots of different types come into bud. We have

tons of Cattleya types coming into bud, as

well as lots of long lasting and unusual

Phalaenopsis. If you live along the front range


or our region, it's definately worth the drive to

see thousands of amazing orchids.

New Orchid Trade-In! Bring us your out of flower

orchids and trade them in for 20% off a new blooming



Don't miss out on our free

Orchid growing classes!





Class TypeDate

Special Sale

Sep. 19
  Growing Class
Sep. 26

 Growing Class

Oct. 10

Special Sale

Oct. 17 

 Growing Class

Oct. 24